JTRR Director Susan York

Director information for Susan York from Juneau, AK
contact information
email: slyak3@yahoo.com
Runner Profile for Susan York
Susan York is currently scheduled to direct the following future events
eventlocationdateRunning Cup
Run 4 the Rock Foghorn RacePioneer Road, North Douglas Hwy2020-04-18 09:00:00yes
Susan York has directed the past events.
eventlocationdateRunning CupClub EventRace Reportprebuilt results files for use on third party sites
Run 4 the Rock - Light Race Overstreet Park - The Whale2019-01-05nonoPrefilled Race Report ultrasignup.com 1 mile.csv
ultrasignup.com 5k.csv
Run 4 the Rock - Foghorn Race Pioneer Road, North Douglas Hwy2019-04-20nonoPrefilled Race Report ultrasignup.com 10k.csv
ultrasignup.com 5k.csv
ultrasignup.com hillclimb.csv
ultrasignup.com 1m.csv
Run 4 the Rock Headlamp Overstreet Park The Whale2020-01-04yesnoPrefilled Race Report ultrasignup.com 5k.csv
ultrasignup.com 1 mile.csv