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Current Race standings for 2008
Event Name Location Description Race Director Multiple Leg/Team Event JTRR Event EC Date and Time
Veterans Day Run Brotherhood Bridge parking lot8K (27 records)Mike McKrillnoyesyesNovember 8th 2008 (Saturday) 10:00AM
Pavitt Health and Fitness 10K and 1mile Auke Rec large shelter10K and 1 mile (43 records)Megan HulsonnoyesyesSeptember 27th 2008 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Beat the Odds Riverbend Elementary School5K and 2 mile walk (80 records)DefaultRaceDirector UnassignednononoAugust 30th 2008 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Eaglecrest Road Race 0.9 miles up Eaglecrest Road5 miles or 1 mile (1 mile begins at the lodge after 5 mile race concludes) (31 records)Anne JohnsonnoyesyesAugust 23rd 2008 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Windfall Lake Trail Challenge Run Veteranís Highway Mile 27 (25 records)DefaultRaceDirector UnassignednoyesyesAugust 16th 2008 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Treadwell Twosome Traverse Sandy Beach5K Relay (43 records)DefaultRaceDirector UnassignedyesnonoAugust 9th 2008 (Saturday) 11:00AM
Frank Maier Memorial Marathon and Douglas Island Half Marathon Sandy BeachFull and Half Marathon. Start Times: 7:00 am (Full) or 9:00 am (Half) - Savikko Park, Douglas 1 hour earlier starts available only for slower runners Distance: 26.2 miles or 13.1 miles (certified courses) Contacts: Bob Marshall (Race Director), 586-6200, bobm@gci.net Deborah Craig (Registration), 586-6200, runjuneau@gci.net (167 records)Bob MarshallnoyesyesAugust 2nd 2008 (Saturday) 7:00AM
Mount Roberts Tram Run Mount Roberts Tram3.5 miles and 1 mile (first time distance increased to 3.5 miles!) (39 records)Dirk MillernoyesyesJuly 26th 2008 (Saturday) 10:00AM
McDowell Group Governors Cup 5k and Kids 1 Mile Court House on 4th and Main5K race ---> 9:00 am at the Court House on 4th and Main 1 mile race ---> 10:00 am at the 5K finish area (next to the Red Cross building) (64 records)Jim GrammelnoyesyesJuly 19th 2008 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Midsummer Night Run False Outer Point Recreational Area10K or 1 mile (56 records)Clayton HawkesnoyesyesJuly 9th 2008 (Wednesday) 6:00PM
Douglas 2 Mile Fun Run Parade4th of July 2 mile fun run (49 records)Paul VoelckersnoyesyesJuly 4th 2008 (Friday) 1:00PM
Only Fools Run at Midnight Centennial Hall5K or 1 mile walk Contact: Southeast Alaska Independent Living, 586-4920 Proceeds benefit SAIL, costumes encouraged (0 records)DefaultRaceDirector UnassignednononoJune 28th 2008 (Saturday) 11:59PM
Ben Blackgoat Memorial Race End of Basin Road2,4,7 miles (48 records)Diane DeSloovernoyesyesJune 21st 2008 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Springtide Scramble Fish Creek Bridge (North Douglas Hwy)3 miles or 7 miles out and back across wetlands (84 records)David ThomsonnoyesyesJune 7th 2008 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Eagle River Scout Trail Run Eagle River Boy Scout Trailhead6K (43 records)Zane ClarknoyesyesJune 4th 2008 (Wednesday) 6:00PM
Seacoast Relay Lena LoopFive Person Relay with varied distances, 18th Annual (160 records)Sherry TamoneyesyesnoMay 24th 2008 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Nugget Alaskan Outfitters Lena Loop Run Lena Beach picnic area5K (36 records)Dan RobinsonnoyesyesMay 17th 2008 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Magnificent Mendenhall Mud Puddle Meet UAS Parking Lot9 miles or 1 mile (38 records)Glenn FricknoyesyesMay 3rd 2008 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Heart of Hospice Salmon Creek3rd annual heart of hospice 5K and 1/2 mile (51 records)Lori YorbanononoApril 26th 2008 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Downtown Waterfront Run Downtown5K (62 records)DefaultRaceDirector UnassignednononoApril 19th 2008 (Saturday) 10:00AM
Glacier 10K and 1 mile Glacier10K and 1 mile, Fundraiser for the JDHS track team (175 records)Scott MaynoyesyesApril 5th 2008 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Flannagan's Run Douglas Firehall1 mile and 4 mile (43 records)Janeann TwelkernoyesyesMarch 15th 2008 (Saturday) 10:00AM

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