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Current Race standings for 2013
Event Name Location Description Race Director Multiple Leg/Team Event JTRR Event EC Date and Time
Veteran's Day Run Brotherhood Bridge Parking Lot8K Run out and back brotherhood trail! Last EC cup event of the year! (29 records)Myron DavisnoyesyesNovember 9th 2013 (Saturday) 10:00AM
PRIMAL AK The Ditch 5K Top of Blueberry HillStarts on top of Blueberry Hill and runs 2.5k and back on the Treadwell Ditch Trail. (10 records)Riley MosernononoNovember 2nd 2013 (Saturday) 10:30AM
PRIMAL AK West Glacier Trail West Glacier TrailScramble in a loop around West Glacier Trail (12 records)Riley MosernononoOctober 12th 2013 (Saturday) 11:00AM
Pavitt Health & Fitness 8K and 1 Mile Brotherhood Bridge8K and 1 mile (62 records)Joe ParrishnoyesyesSeptember 21st 2013 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Treadwell HS XC 5K Time Trial JD and TM Sandy Beach5K XC Time Trial (65 records)Scott MaynononoAugust 24th 2013 (Saturday) 11:00AM
Eaglecrest Road Race Eaglecrest0.9 miles up Eaglecrest Road 10, 5 and 1 mile road/trail options (61 records)Anne JohnsonnoyesyesAugust 24th 2013 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Beat the Odds Riverbend5k (178 records)DefaultRaceDirector UnassignednononoAugust 17th 2013 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Treadwell Toilsome Twosome Sandy Beach5K Team Run, 2 people run course in opposite directions (78 records)Scott MayyesnonoAugust 13th 2013 (Tuesday) 6:30PM
Nifty Fifty Perseverance50km solo or relay (45 records)Keith LevyyesyesnoAugust 10th 2013 (Saturday) 8:15AM
Aukeman Triathlon Aukelakehttp://aukeman.weebly.com/ (328 records)Tracy RiverayesnonoAugust 3rd 2013 (Saturday) 8:00AM
Frank Maier Memorial Marathon and Douglas Island Half Marathon Sandy Beachhttp://southeastroadrunners.weebly.com/frank-maier-marathon.html (245 records)Kimberly VaughannoyesyesJuly 27th 2013 (Saturday) 6:00AM
Ben Blackgoat Memorial Perseverance Race Perseverance TrailheadPerseverance Trail, meet at end of Basin Road, 2 4 and 7 mile (68 records)Paul DesloovernoyesyesJuly 20th 2013 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Midsummer Night Run False Outer Point Recreational Area1 mile and 10k (66 records)Sharon BuisnoyesyesJuly 17th 2013 (Wednesday) 6:00PM
McDowell Group Governor's Cup 5k and 1 Mile Dimond Courthouse5K Race: 9:00 AM, Dimond Courthouse, 4th and Main Street 1 Mile Race: 10:00 AMat 5K Finish (Next to Juneau Bone & Joint Center) (81 records)Jim GrammelnoyesyesJuly 13th 2013 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Mount Roberts Tram Run Juneau TramStart at TRAM, run up South Franklin through North Franklin, turn right on 6th Street, then left on gold, run to the top of gold and head down Basin Road until the Mt Roberts State trail on the right; then run to the cross straight up Mt Roberts! 1800 Feet Climb! (49 records)Dirk MillernoyesyesJuly 6th 2013 (Saturday) 9:00AM
East Glacier Trail Tangle Trailhead at east end of Valley Blvd (Under Thunder Trail)1 mile and 6.7 mile (54 records)Karlynn WellingnoyesyesJune 27th 2013 (Thursday) 6:00PM
Symphony Sprint 5K and 1 Mile JDHS5K and 1 mile (37 records)Nancy JonesnononoJune 8th 2013 (Saturday) 5:00PM
Eagle River Scout Trail Run Boy Scout Trailhead6k Scout Run and 1 mile (70 records)Zane ClarknoyesyesJune 4th 2013 (Tuesday) 6:00PM
Every Mile is Worth It Sandy Beach3.5 mile "MAZE" course (72 records)Megan GregorynonoyesJune 1st 2013 (Saturday) 9:30AM
Prince of Wales Marathon Craig High Schoolhttp://www.powmarathon.org/ (22 records)DefaultRaceDirector UnassignednononoMay 25th 2013 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Seacoast Relay UAS to Eaglebeach5 Person Relay, 23rd annual (125 records)Sherry TamoneyesyesnoMay 25th 2013 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Juneau Family Health and Birth Center Fun Run Juneau Family Health and Birth Center5 mile Salmon Creek Dam (11 records)Emily KanenononoMay 18th 2013 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Cameron Clark Memorial Run Lena Beach5K and 1K run (63 records)Dan RobinsonnoyesyesMay 11th 2013 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Magnificent Mendenhall Mud Puddle Meet UAS Parking Lot8mile 1mile (44 records)Glenn FricknoyesyesMay 4th 2013 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Springtide Scramble Fish CreekRace across the Channel and Back (146 records)Suzanne McGeenoyesyesApril 27th 2013 (Saturday) 8:00AM
Heart of Hospice Fun Run Twin Lakes5K and 1 Mile (85 records)Lori YorbanonoyesApril 13th 2013 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Glacier 10K and 1 Mile Mendenhall Glacier Parking Lot1Mile and 10K (113 records)Scott MaynoyesyesMarch 30th 2013 (Saturday) 10:00AM
Flannagan's Run Douglas Fire Hall30th annual Flannigans Run 5 Mile and 1 Mile (40 records)Dan RobinsonnoyesyesMarch 16th 2013 (Saturday) 10:00AM
Sweetheart's Relay Douglas Fire Hall2 and 3 Mile relay (52 records)Dan RobinsonyesyesyesFebruary 16th 2013 (Saturday) 10:00AM

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