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Race Results for Aukeman Triathlon 2014 concerning T1

Profile of Race or Leg
Event Name Aukeman Triathlon 2014
Race Name T1
Event Location Auke Lake
Event Description http://aukeman.weebly.com/
Event Director Tracy Rivera
Relay / Team Event? yes
Event Date 2014-08-02 08:00:00
Race Distance0.00 km or
0.00 miles
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Global Results

# Name Hails From Gender Time Pace per mile Member of Team
1Daniel StrongJuneau,AKM00:03:17N/A per mileDaniel Strong
2Justin DornJuneau,AKM00:03:26N/A per mileJustin Dorn
3Aaron MorrisonJuneau,AKM00:03:33N/A per mileAaron Morrison
4Zach BursellJuneau,AKM00:03:36N/A per mileZack Bursell
5Susan YorkJuneau,AKF00:03:41N/A per mileSusan York
6Jamie BursellJuneau,AKF00:03:49N/A per mileJamie Bursell
7April RezendesDouglas,AKF00:03:54N/A per mileApril Rezendes
8Scott WattsAuke Bay,AKM00:04:01N/A per mileScott Watts
9Jennifer WatsonJuneau,AKF00:04:02N/A per mileJennifer Watson
10Cathy TideJuneau,AKF00:04:14N/A per mileCathy Tide
11Jim UstasiewskiDouglas,AKM00:04:15N/A per mileJim Ustasiewski
11 (TIE!) Annie AlbrechtJuneau,AKF00:04:15N/A per mileAnnie Albrecht
13Scott MayJuneau,AKM00:04:21N/A per mileScott May
14Mark NeidholdJuneau,AKM00:04:23N/A per mileMark Neidhold
15Maren HaavigJuneau,AKF00:04:26N/A per mileMaren Haavig
16Melanie WhiteJuneau,AKF00:04:32N/A per mileMelanie White
16 (TIE!) Meghan DeSlooverJuneau,AKF00:04:32N/A per mileMeghan DeSloover
18Katie JonesFort Scott,KSF00:04:34N/A per mileKatie Jones
19Sandra WoodsJuneau,AKF00:04:41N/A per mileSandra Woods
19 (TIE!) Reed StoopsJuneau,AKM00:04:41N/A per mileReed Stoops
21James SteevesJuneau,AKM00:04:43N/A per mileJames Steeves
21 (TIE!) Kim RiveraJuneau,AKF00:04:43N/A per mileKim Rivera
23Anne WeskeJuneau,AKF00:04:45N/A per mileAnne Weske
24Tracy MorrisonJuneau,AKF00:04:48N/A per mileTracy Morrison
25Dan RobinsonJuneau,AKM00:04:49N/A per mileDan Robinson
26Jonathan HillJuneau,AKM00:05:00N/A per mileJonathan Hill
27Amy CarrollJuneau,AKF00:05:01N/A per mileAmy Carroll
28Jim GrammelJuneau,AKM00:05:04N/A per mileJim Grammel
29Andre BuntonJuneau,AKM00:05:06N/A per mileAndre Bunton
30Erin HauchJuneau,AKF00:05:11N/A per mileErin Hauch
31Sheena GauthierJuneau,AKF00:05:13N/A per mileSheena Gauthier
32Chuck PlattJuneau,AKM00:05:14N/A per mileChuck Platt
33Pete SchneiderJuneau,AKM00:05:18N/A per milePete Schneider
34Nancy JonesJuneau,AKF00:05:32N/A per mileNancy Jones
35Duncan WardenJuneau,AKM00:05:41N/A per mileDuncan Warden
36Kate HauchJuneau,AKF00:05:46N/A per mileKate Hauch
37Cody CarverJuneau,AKM00:05:48N/A per mileCody Carver
38Nick BursellJuneau,AKM00:05:53N/A per mileNick Bursell
38 (TIE!) Daren BootonJuneau,AKM00:05:53N/A per mileDaren Booton
40Jim CalvinJuneau,AKM00:05:58N/A per mileJim Calvin
41Elizabeth SmithJuneau,AKF00:06:02N/A per mileElizabeth Smith
42Lisa KramerJuneau,AKF00:06:15N/A per mileLisa Kramer
43Scott GendeJuneau,AKM00:06:19N/A per mileScott Gende
44Matthew ShawJuneau,AKM00:06:21N/A per mileMatthew Shaw
45Kat LammersenJuneau,AKF00:06:27N/A per mileKat Lammersen
46Barb MecumJuneau,AKF00:06:39N/A per mileBarb Mecum
47Robin GilcristJuneau,AKF00:06:59N/A per mileRobin Gilcrist
48Elisabeth JonesJuneau,AKF00:07:21N/A per mileElisabeth Jones
49Melissa GoldsteinJuneau,AKF00:07:28N/A per mileMelissa Goldstein
50Bo MelinJuneau,AKM00:07:32N/A per mileBo Melin
50 (TIE!) Gabrielle AberleJuneau,AKF00:07:32N/A per mileGabrielle Aberle
52Susan BellJuneau,AKF00:07:42N/A per mileSusan Bell
53Jansy HanesnJuneau,AKF00:07:46N/A per mileJansy Hanesn
54Beth WeigelJuneau,AKF00:09:52N/A per mileBeth Weigel
55Justine BishopJuneau,AKF00:10:52N/A per mileJustine Bishop

Male Results

# Name Hails From Gender Time Pace per mile Member of Team
1Daniel StrongJuneau,AKM00:03:17DNF or results N/A per mileDaniel Strong
2Justin DornJuneau,AKM00:03:26DNF or results N/A per mileJustin Dorn
3Aaron MorrisonJuneau,AKM00:03:33DNF or results N/A per mileAaron Morrison
4Zach BursellJuneau,AKM00:03:36DNF or results N/A per mileZack Bursell
5Scott WattsAuke Bay,AKM00:04:01DNF or results N/A per mileScott Watts
6Jim UstasiewskiDouglas,AKM00:04:15DNF or results N/A per mileJim Ustasiewski
7Scott MayJuneau,AKM00:04:21DNF or results N/A per mileScott May
8Mark NeidholdJuneau,AKM00:04:23DNF or results N/A per mileMark Neidhold
9Reed StoopsJuneau,AKM00:04:41DNF or results N/A per mileReed Stoops
10James SteevesJuneau,AKM00:04:43DNF or results N/A per mileJames Steeves
11Dan RobinsonJuneau,AKM00:04:49DNF or results N/A per mileDan Robinson
12Jonathan HillJuneau,AKM00:05:00DNF or results N/A per mileJonathan Hill
13Jim GrammelJuneau,AKM00:05:04DNF or results N/A per mileJim Grammel
14Andre BuntonJuneau,AKM00:05:06DNF or results N/A per mileAndre Bunton
15Chuck PlattJuneau,AKM00:05:14DNF or results N/A per mileChuck Platt
16Pete SchneiderJuneau,AKM00:05:18DNF or results N/A per milePete Schneider
17Duncan WardenJuneau,AKM00:05:41DNF or results N/A per mileDuncan Warden
18Cody CarverJuneau,AKM00:05:48DNF or results N/A per mileCody Carver
19Nick BursellJuneau,AKM00:05:53DNF or results N/A per mileNick Bursell
19 (TIE!) Daren BootonJuneau,AKM00:05:53DNF or results N/A per mileDaren Booton
21Jim CalvinJuneau,AKM00:05:58DNF or results N/A per mileJim Calvin
22Scott GendeJuneau,AKM00:06:19DNF or results N/A per mileScott Gende
23Matthew ShawJuneau,AKM00:06:21DNF or results N/A per mileMatthew Shaw
24Bo MelinJuneau,AKM00:07:32DNF or results N/A per mileBo Melin


# Name Hails From Gender Time Pace per mile Member of Team
1Susan YorkJuneau,AKF00:03:41DNR or resultsN/A per mileSusan York
2Jamie BursellJuneau,AKF00:03:49DNR or resultsN/A per mileJamie Bursell
3April RezendesDouglas,AKF00:03:54DNR or resultsN/A per mileApril Rezendes
4Jennifer WatsonJuneau,AKF00:04:02DNR or resultsN/A per mileJennifer Watson
5Cathy TideJuneau,AKF00:04:14DNR or resultsN/A per mileCathy Tide
6Annie AlbrechtJuneau,AKF00:04:15DNR or resultsN/A per mileAnnie Albrecht
7Maren HaavigJuneau,AKF00:04:26DNR or resultsN/A per mileMaren Haavig
8Melanie WhiteJuneau,AKF00:04:32DNR or resultsN/A per mileMelanie White
8 (TIE!) Meghan DeSlooverJuneau,AKF00:04:32DNR or resultsN/A per mileMeghan DeSloover
10Katie JonesFort Scott,KSF00:04:34DNR or resultsN/A per mileKatie Jones
11Sandra WoodsJuneau,AKF00:04:41DNR or resultsN/A per mileSandra Woods
12Kim RiveraJuneau,AKF00:04:43DNR or resultsN/A per mileKim Rivera
13Anne WeskeJuneau,AKF00:04:45DNR or resultsN/A per mileAnne Weske
14Tracy MorrisonJuneau,AKF00:04:48DNR or resultsN/A per mileTracy Morrison
15Amy CarrollJuneau,AKF00:05:01DNR or resultsN/A per mileAmy Carroll
16Erin HauchJuneau,AKF00:05:11DNR or resultsN/A per mileErin Hauch
17Sheena GauthierJuneau,AKF00:05:13DNR or resultsN/A per mileSheena Gauthier
18Nancy JonesJuneau,AKF00:05:32DNR or resultsN/A per mileNancy Jones
19Kate HauchJuneau,AKF00:05:46DNR or resultsN/A per mileKate Hauch
20Elizabeth SmithJuneau,AKF00:06:02DNR or resultsN/A per mileElizabeth Smith
21Lisa KramerJuneau,AKF00:06:15DNR or resultsN/A per mileLisa Kramer
22Kat LammersenJuneau,AKF00:06:27DNR or resultsN/A per mileKat Lammersen
23Barb MecumJuneau,AKF00:06:39DNR or resultsN/A per mileBarb Mecum
24Robin GilcristJuneau,AKF00:06:59DNR or resultsN/A per mileRobin Gilcrist
25Elisabeth JonesJuneau,AKF00:07:21DNR or resultsN/A per mileElisabeth Jones
26Melissa GoldsteinJuneau,AKF00:07:28DNR or resultsN/A per mileMelissa Goldstein
27Gabrielle AberleJuneau,AKF00:07:32DNR or resultsN/A per mileGabrielle Aberle
28Susan BellJuneau,AKF00:07:42DNR or resultsN/A per mileSusan Bell
29Jansy HanesnJuneau,AKF00:07:46DNR or resultsN/A per mileJansy Hanesn
30Beth WeigelJuneau,AKF00:09:52DNR or resultsN/A per mileBeth Weigel
31Justine BishopJuneau,AKF00:10:52DNR or resultsN/A per mileJustine Bishop

Event Relay Team Results Here

#Team NameTot. Time# of Runners Tot. Distance
1 Zack Bursell 1:06:15 6 24.75 km
2 Justin Dorn 1:06:54 6 24.75 km
3 Daniel Strong 1:09:00 6 24.75 km
4 Jim Ustasiewski 1:11:07 6 24.75 km
5 Scott Watts 1:11:28 6 24.75 km
6 Aaron Morrison 1:12:21 6 24.75 km
7 Scott May 1:13:53 6 24.75 km
8 Susan York 1:13:56 6 24.75 km
9 Jonathan Hill 1:14:21 6 24.75 km
10 Mark Neidhold 1:15:26 6 24.75 km
11 April Rezendes 1:16:27 6 24.75 km
12 Cathy Tide 1:19:06 6 24.75 km
13 Jamie Bursell 1:19:37 6 24.75 km
14 Jennifer Watson 1:19:54 6 24.75 km
15 Annie Albrecht 1:20:24 6 24.75 km
16 Dan Robinson 1:21:10 6 24.75 km
17 Melanie White 1:22:02 6 24.75 km
18 Meghan DeSloover 1:22:19 6 24.75 km
19 Cody Carver 1:23:02 6 24.75 km
20 James Steeves 1:23:19 6 24.75 km
21 Andre Bunton 1:23:35 6 24.75 km
22 Amy Carroll 1:23:36 6 24.75 km
23 Reed Stoops 1:23:45 6 24.75 km
24 Jim Grammel 1:24:27 6 24.75 km
25 Tracy Morrison 1:25:29 6 24.75 km
26 Pete Schneider 1:25:40 6 24.75 km
27 Maren Haavig 1:27:01 6 24.75 km
28 Jim Calvin 1:27:43 6 24.75 km
29 Chuck Platt 1:28:03 6 24.75 km
30 Kim Rivera 1:28:14 6 24.75 km
31 Nick Bursell 1:28:32 6 24.75 km
32 Scott Gende 1:28:42 6 24.75 km
33 Katie Jones 1:28:53 6 24.75 km
34 Anne Weske 1:29:39 6 24.75 km
35 Duncan Warden 1:30:10 6 24.75 km
36 Daren Booton 1:30:58 6 24.75 km
37 Erin Hauch 1:33:08 6 24.75 km
38 Matthew Shaw 1:35:54 6 24.75 km
39 Elizabeth Smith 1:38:07 6 24.75 km
40 Sandra Woods 1:38:34 6 24.75 km
41 Nancy Jones 1:40:57 6 24.75 km
42 Melissa Goldstein 1:42:15 6 24.75 km
43 Kat Lammersen 1:43:19 6 24.75 km
44 Robin Gilcrist 1:43:56 6 24.75 km
45 Jansy Hanesn 1:44:11 6 24.75 km
46 Lisa Kramer 1:45:23 6 24.75 km
47 Sheena Gauthier 1:45:56 6 24.75 km
48 Elisabeth Jones 1:46:56 6 24.75 km
49 Kate Hauch 1:46:58 6 24.75 km
50 Gabrielle Aberle 1:47:35 6 24.75 km
51 Bo Melin 1:48:00 6 24.75 km
52 Susan Bell 1:57:09 6 24.75 km
53 Barb Mecum 1:57:45 6 24.75 km
54 Justine Bishop 2:00:52 6 24.75 km
55 Beth Weigel 2:14:18 6 24.75 km