JTRR (Juneau Trail and Road Runners) On My Own Team page

These are the results of the illustrious team On My Own when they competed in Seacoast Relay in 2014
Event NameEvent DateTeam NameLegs CompletedTotal Distance RanTotal TimeAverage Pace
Seacoast Relay2014-05-24 09:00:00On My Own310.3 miles1 hours 10 minutes 41 seconds6 minutes 51 seconds per mile
Members of Team
Leg or Race Name Name Hailing From Distance Time Pace
Leg OneHouston LawsJuneau,AK 2.9 miles00:19:07.006 minutes 35 seconds per mile
Leg TwoHouston LawsJuneau,AK 3.8 miles00:26:08.006 minutes 52 seconds per mile
Leg ThreeHouston LawsJuneau,AK 3.6 miles00:25:26.007 minutes 3 seconds per mile

all events team On My Own have been spotted in

Event Name Event Date Team Name
Seacoast Relay2014-05-24 09:00:00On My Own