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2014 Event information and races for event McDowell Group Governors Cup
Event Name Location Description Race Director Date and Time Relay/Team Events? Empire Cup SERR Event Registration Form
McDowell Group Governors Cup 5K - Dimond Courthouse, 1 mile Juneau Bone and Joint Center on Hospital Drive5K - Dimond Courthouse, 4th and Main Street and 1 MILE - at 5K Finish (Next to Juneau Bone and Joint Center on Hospital Drive)Myron Davis2014-07-12 09:00:00noyesyesRegistration Form

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5k 5 km 72
1 mile 1 miles 15
Thank you for volunteers and sponsors1

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Juneau Empire Gov Cup Slide ShowJuneau Empire Gov Cup Slide ShowMyron Davis
Elliot edges Hitchcock in Governors CupJuneau Empire Gov Cup Article Elliot edges Hitchcock in Governors CupMyron Davis

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