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eventlocationdateRunning CupClub EventRace Reportprebuilt results files for use on third party sites
Sweetheart's Relay Douglas Fire Hall2004-02-14yesyesPrefilled Race Report ultrasignup.com 2 Mile.csv
ultrasignup.com 3 Mile.csv
Spring Triathlon Auke Lake2009-08-09nonoPrefilled Race Report ultrasignup.com swim leg.csv
ultrasignup.com t1.csv
ultrasignup.com bike leg.csv
ultrasignup.com t2.csv
ultrasignup.com run leg.csv
Sweethearts Relay Douglas Firehall2001-02-11yesyesPrefilled Race Report
19th Annual Sweethearts Relay Douglas Firehall2002-02-10yesyesPrefilled Race Report ultrasignup.com leg 1.csv
ultrasignup.com leg 2.csv
Flannagan's Run Douglas Firehall2006-03-18yesyesPrefilled Race Report
20th Annual Sweethearts Relay (two persons) Douglas Firehall2003-02-16yesyesPrefilled Race Report ultrasignup.com leg 1.csv
ultrasignup.com leg 2.csv
Sweethearts Relay Douglas Firehall2005-02-12yesyesPrefilled Race Report ultrasignup.com leg1.csv
ultrasignup.com leg2.csv
Nugget Alaskan Outfitters Lena Loop Run Run and Kids Kilometer Fun Run Lena Beach Picnic Area1999-05-15yesyesPrefilled Race Report ultrasignup.com 1k.csv
ultrasignup.com 5k.csv