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Race Results for Aukeman 2018 concerning T1

Profile of Race or Leg
Event Name Aukeman 2018
Race Name T1
Event Location Aukelake
Event Description Aukeman Sprint Triathlon (7:30A) 750mt-19k -5k http://aukeman.weebly.com/race-information.html
Event Director Liz Johnston
Relay / Team Event? yes
Event Date 2018-08-04 07:30:00
Race Distance0.00 km or
0.00 miles
Race Blurb
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Global Results

# Name Hails From Gender Time Pace per mile Member of Team
1Jonathan HillJuneau,AKM00:03:23N/A per mileJonathan Hill
2Scott MayJuneau,AKM00:03:27N/A per mileScott May
3Jake MeyerJuneau,AKM00:03:33N/A per mileJake Meyer
4Justin DornJuneau,AKM00:03:36N/A per mileJustin Dorn
5John BursellJuneau,AKM00:03:40N/A per mileJohn Bursell
6Green RelayJuneau,AKM00:03:41N/A per mileGreen Relay
7Tracy MorrisonJuneau,AKF00:03:42N/A per mileTracy Morrison
8Kimberly CampbellJuneau,AKF00:03:45N/A per mileKimberly Campbell
9Scott GendeJuneau,AKM00:03:47N/A per mileScott Gende
10Aaron MorrisonJuneau,AKM00:03:50N/A per mileAaron Morrison
11Jim UstasiewskiDouglas,AKM00:03:52N/A per mileJim Ustasiewski
12Jamie BursellJuneau,AKF00:03:59N/A per mileJamie Bursell
13April RezendesDouglas,AKF00:04:04N/A per mileApril Rezendes
14Jennifer WatsonJuneau,AKF00:04:10N/A per mileJennifer Watson
15Jordan CallahanJuneau,AKF00:04:11N/A per mileJordan Callahan
16Black RelayJuneau,AKM00:04:12N/A per mileBlack Relay
17Mark NeidholdJuneau,AKM00:04:13N/A per mileMark Neidhold
18Orange RelayJuneau,AKM00:04:14N/A per mileOrange Relay
19Daren BootonJuneau,AKM00:04:15N/A per mileDaren Booton
20Kristin RiallJuneau,AKF00:04:17N/A per mileKristin Riall
21Ryan BischoffJuneau,AKM00:04:18N/A per mileRyan Bischoff
22Eliza DornJuneau,AKF00:04:24N/A per mileEliza Dorn
23Leon UlrichJuneau,AKM00:04:29N/A per mileLeon Ulrich
24Richard ForstJuneau,AKM00:04:32N/A per mileRichard Forst
25Kristin JonesJuneau,AKF00:04:35N/A per mileKristin Jones
26Melanie WhiteJuneau,AKF00:04:38N/A per mileMelanie White
27Hiram HenryJuneau,AKM00:04:43N/A per mileHiram Henry
28Kara HollatzJuneau,AKF00:04:45N/A per mileKara Hollatz
29Daniel WiersmaJuneau,AKM00:04:52N/A per mileDaniel Wiersma
30Maren HaavigJuneau,AKF00:05:02N/A per mileMaren Haavig
30 (TIE!) Josh DeanJuneau,AKM00:05:02N/A per mileJosh Dean
32Eric CarterJuneau,AKM00:05:05N/A per mileEric Carter
33Stell LittleJuneau,AKF00:05:06N/A per mileStell Little
34Jeffrey SauerJuneau,AKM00:05:11N/A per mileJeffrey Sauer
35Jim CalvinJuneau,AKM00:05:15N/A per mileJim Calvin
35 (TIE!) steve ricciJuneau,AKM00:05:15N/A per mileSteve Ricci
37Robin GilcristJuneau,AKF00:05:17N/A per mileRobin Gilcrist
38Naomi StaleyJuneau,AKF00:05:18N/A per mileNaomi Staley
39Cody BruenetteJuneau,AKM00:05:23N/A per mileCody Bruenette
40Trevor RichardsJuneau,AKM00:05:30N/A per mileTrevor Richards
41Genevieve JohnsonJuneau,AKF00:05:31N/A per mileGenevieve Johnson
42Greg LockwoodJuneau,AKM00:05:35N/A per mileGreg Lockwood
43Rich CleggJuneau,AKM00:05:36N/A per mileRich Clegg
44Janelle CrockerJuneau,AKF00:05:37N/A per mileJanelle Crocker
45Emily RicciJuneau,AKF00:05:38N/A per mileEmily Ricci
46Yvonne YangJuneau,AKF00:05:43N/A per mileYvonne Yang
47Katherine SelbyJuneau,AKF00:05:52N/A per mileKatherine Selby
48Lisa KramerJuneau,AKF00:05:57N/A per mileLisa Kramer
49Stephen LewisJuneau,AKM00:05:58N/A per mileStephen Lewis
50Jim GrammelJuneau,AKM00:05:59N/A per mileJim Grammel
51Jean ButlerJuneau,AKF00:06:01N/A per mileJean Butler
52Emily HaskellJuneau,AKF00:06:09N/A per mileEmily Haskell
52 (TIE!) Meredith GillmanJuneau,AKF00:06:09N/A per mileMeredith Gillman
54Joel OsburnJuneau,AKM00:06:10N/A per mileJoel Osburn
55Anna FrazierJuneau,AKF00:06:11N/A per mileAnna Frazier
56Theresa SvancaraJuneau,AKF00:06:14N/A per mileTheresa Svancara
56 (TIE!) Ann KlausnerJuneau,AKF00:06:14N/A per mileAnn Klausner
58Danielle SteinmanJuneau,AKF00:06:15N/A per mileDanielle Steinman
59Andrew KlausnerJuneau,AKM00:06:24N/A per mileAndrew Klausner
60Holly HandlerJuneau,AKF00:06:26N/A per mileHolly Handler
61Reed StoopsJuneau,AKM00:06:29N/A per mileReed Stoops
62AJ EdwardsJuneau,AKM00:06:31N/A per mileAJ Edwards
62 (TIE!) Ance KvasnikovaJuneau,AKF00:06:31N/A per mileAnce Kvasnikova
64Nicholas BursellJuneau,AKM00:06:43N/A per mileNicholas Bursell
65Scott ChristianJuneau,AKM00:06:45N/A per mileScott Christian
66Austyn SchmidtJuneau,AKM00:06:46N/A per mileAustyn Schmidt
67Blue RelayJuneau,AKM00:06:56N/A per mileBlue Relay
68Platt ChuckJuneau,AKM00:06:57N/A per milePlatt Chuck
69Katie KowalchukJuneau,AKF00:07:01N/A per mileKatie Kowalchuk
70Maureen LareJuneau,AKF00:07:03N/A per mileMaureen Lare
70 (TIE!) Kate GloverJuneau,AKF00:07:03N/A per mileKate Glover
72Robert VicarioJuneau,AKM00:07:14N/A per mileRobert Vicario
73Josue RomanJuneau,AKM00:07:17N/A per mileJosue Roman
74Amber MillerJuneau,AKF00:07:43N/A per mileAmber Miller
75Melissa GoldsteinJuneau,AKF00:08:08N/A per mileMelissa Goldstein
76Jenny SmithJuneau,AKF00:08:10N/A per mileJenny Smith
77Erin WhalenJuneau,AKF00:08:13N/A per mileErin Whalen
78Lindsay AngeloJuneau,AKF00:08:39N/A per mileLindsay Angelo
79Forest KvasnikoffJuneau,AKM00:09:08N/A per mileForest Kvasnikoff
80Joseph OwensJuneau,AKM00:12:28N/A per mileJoseph Owens
81Kenneth HogansonJuneau,AKM00:13:58N/A per mileKenneth Hoganson

Male Results

# Name Hails From Gender Time Pace per mile Member of Team
1Jonathan HillJuneau,AKM00:03:23DNF or results N/A per mileJonathan Hill
2Scott MayJuneau,AKM00:03:27DNF or results N/A per mileScott May
3Jake MeyerJuneau,AKM00:03:33DNF or results N/A per mileJake Meyer
4Justin DornJuneau,AKM00:03:36DNF or results N/A per mileJustin Dorn
5John BursellJuneau,AKM00:03:40DNF or results N/A per mileJohn Bursell
6Green RelayJuneau,AKM00:03:41DNF or results N/A per mileGreen Relay
7Scott GendeJuneau,AKM00:03:47DNF or results N/A per mileScott Gende
8Aaron MorrisonJuneau,AKM00:03:50DNF or results N/A per mileAaron Morrison
9Jim UstasiewskiDouglas,AKM00:03:52DNF or results N/A per mileJim Ustasiewski
10Black RelayJuneau,AKM00:04:12DNF or results N/A per mileBlack Relay
11Mark NeidholdJuneau,AKM00:04:13DNF or results N/A per mileMark Neidhold
12Orange RelayJuneau,AKM00:04:14DNF or results N/A per mileOrange Relay
13Daren BootonJuneau,AKM00:04:15DNF or results N/A per mileDaren Booton
14Ryan BischoffJuneau,AKM00:04:18DNF or results N/A per mileRyan Bischoff
15Leon UlrichJuneau,AKM00:04:29DNF or results N/A per mileLeon Ulrich
16Richard ForstJuneau,AKM00:04:32DNF or results N/A per mileRichard Forst
17Hiram HenryJuneau,AKM00:04:43DNF or results N/A per mileHiram Henry
18Daniel WiersmaJuneau,AKM00:04:52DNF or results N/A per mileDaniel Wiersma
19Josh DeanJuneau,AKM00:05:02DNF or results N/A per mileJosh Dean
20Eric CarterJuneau,AKM00:05:05DNF or results N/A per mileEric Carter
21Jeffrey SauerJuneau,AKM00:05:11DNF or results N/A per mileJeffrey Sauer
22Jim CalvinJuneau,AKM00:05:15DNF or results N/A per mileJim Calvin
22 (TIE!) steve ricciJuneau,AKM00:05:15DNF or results N/A per mileSteve Ricci
24Cody BruenetteJuneau,AKM00:05:23DNF or results N/A per mileCody Bruenette
25Trevor RichardsJuneau,AKM00:05:30DNF or results N/A per mileTrevor Richards
26Greg LockwoodJuneau,AKM00:05:35DNF or results N/A per mileGreg Lockwood
27Rich CleggJuneau,AKM00:05:36DNF or results N/A per mileRich Clegg
28Stephen LewisJuneau,AKM00:05:58DNF or results N/A per mileStephen Lewis
29Jim GrammelJuneau,AKM00:05:59DNF or results N/A per mileJim Grammel
30Joel OsburnJuneau,AKM00:06:10DNF or results N/A per mileJoel Osburn
31Andrew KlausnerJuneau,AKM00:06:24DNF or results N/A per mileAndrew Klausner
32Reed StoopsJuneau,AKM00:06:29DNF or results N/A per mileReed Stoops
33AJ EdwardsJuneau,AKM00:06:31DNF or results N/A per mileAJ Edwards
34Nicholas BursellJuneau,AKM00:06:43DNF or results N/A per mileNicholas Bursell
35Scott ChristianJuneau,AKM00:06:45DNF or results N/A per mileScott Christian
36Austyn SchmidtJuneau,AKM00:06:46DNF or results N/A per mileAustyn Schmidt
37Blue RelayJuneau,AKM00:06:56DNF or results N/A per mileBlue Relay
38Platt ChuckJuneau,AKM00:06:57DNF or results N/A per milePlatt Chuck
39Robert VicarioJuneau,AKM00:07:14DNF or results N/A per mileRobert Vicario
40Josue RomanJuneau,AKM00:07:17DNF or results N/A per mileJosue Roman
41Forest KvasnikoffJuneau,AKM00:09:08DNF or results N/A per mileForest Kvasnikoff
42Joseph OwensJuneau,AKM00:12:28DNF or results N/A per mileJoseph Owens
43Kenneth HogansonJuneau,AKM00:13:58DNF or results N/A per mileKenneth Hoganson


# Name Hails From Gender Time Pace per mile Member of Team
1Tracy MorrisonJuneau,AKF00:03:42DNR or resultsN/A per mileTracy Morrison
2Kimberly CampbellJuneau,AKF00:03:45DNR or resultsN/A per mileKimberly Campbell
3Jamie BursellJuneau,AKF00:03:59DNR or resultsN/A per mileJamie Bursell
4April RezendesDouglas,AKF00:04:04DNR or resultsN/A per mileApril Rezendes
5Jennifer WatsonJuneau,AKF00:04:10DNR or resultsN/A per mileJennifer Watson
6Jordan CallahanJuneau,AKF00:04:11DNR or resultsN/A per mileJordan Callahan
7Kristin RiallJuneau,AKF00:04:17DNR or resultsN/A per mileKristin Riall
8Eliza DornJuneau,AKF00:04:24DNR or resultsN/A per mileEliza Dorn
9Kristin JonesJuneau,AKF00:04:35DNR or resultsN/A per mileKristin Jones
10Melanie WhiteJuneau,AKF00:04:38DNR or resultsN/A per mileMelanie White
11Kara HollatzJuneau,AKF00:04:45DNR or resultsN/A per mileKara Hollatz
12Maren HaavigJuneau,AKF00:05:02DNR or resultsN/A per mileMaren Haavig
13Stell LittleJuneau,AKF00:05:06DNR or resultsN/A per mileStell Little
14Robin GilcristJuneau,AKF00:05:17DNR or resultsN/A per mileRobin Gilcrist
15Naomi StaleyJuneau,AKF00:05:18DNR or resultsN/A per mileNaomi Staley
16Genevieve JohnsonJuneau,AKF00:05:31DNR or resultsN/A per mileGenevieve Johnson
17Janelle CrockerJuneau,AKF00:05:37DNR or resultsN/A per mileJanelle Crocker
18Emily RicciJuneau,AKF00:05:38DNR or resultsN/A per mileEmily Ricci
19Yvonne YangJuneau,AKF00:05:43DNR or resultsN/A per mileYvonne Yang
20Katherine SelbyJuneau,AKF00:05:52DNR or resultsN/A per mileKatherine Selby
21Lisa KramerJuneau,AKF00:05:57DNR or resultsN/A per mileLisa Kramer
22Jean ButlerJuneau,AKF00:06:01DNR or resultsN/A per mileJean Butler
23Emily HaskellJuneau,AKF00:06:09DNR or resultsN/A per mileEmily Haskell
23 (TIE!) Meredith GillmanJuneau,AKF00:06:09DNR or resultsN/A per mileMeredith Gillman
25Anna FrazierJuneau,AKF00:06:11DNR or resultsN/A per mileAnna Frazier
26Theresa SvancaraJuneau,AKF00:06:14DNR or resultsN/A per mileTheresa Svancara
26 (TIE!) Ann KlausnerJuneau,AKF00:06:14DNR or resultsN/A per mileAnn Klausner
28Danielle SteinmanJuneau,AKF00:06:15DNR or resultsN/A per mileDanielle Steinman
29Holly HandlerJuneau,AKF00:06:26DNR or resultsN/A per mileHolly Handler
30Ance KvasnikovaJuneau,AKF00:06:31DNR or resultsN/A per mileAnce Kvasnikova
31Katie KowalchukJuneau,AKF00:07:01DNR or resultsN/A per mileKatie Kowalchuk
32Maureen LareJuneau,AKF00:07:03DNR or resultsN/A per mileMaureen Lare
32 (TIE!) Kate GloverJuneau,AKF00:07:03DNR or resultsN/A per mileKate Glover
34Amber MillerJuneau,AKF00:07:43DNR or resultsN/A per mileAmber Miller
35Melissa GoldsteinJuneau,AKF00:08:08DNR or resultsN/A per mileMelissa Goldstein
36Jenny SmithJuneau,AKF00:08:10DNR or resultsN/A per mileJenny Smith
37Erin WhalenJuneau,AKF00:08:13DNR or resultsN/A per mileErin Whalen
38Lindsay AngeloJuneau,AKF00:08:39DNR or resultsN/A per mileLindsay Angelo

Event Relay Team Results Here

#Team NameTot. Time# of Runners Tot. Distance
1 John Bursell 2:13:02 7 24.75 km
2 Jonathan Hill 2:18:22 7 24.75 km
3 Justin Dorn 2:19:22 7 24.75 km
4 Jim Ustasiewski 2:22:30 7 24.75 km
5 Jake Meyer 2:22:56 7 24.75 km
6 Scott Gende 2:24:08 7 24.75 km
7 Aaron Morrison 2:25:16 7 24.75 km
8 Scott May 2:27:50 7 24.75 km
9 Jordan Callahan 2:28:58 7 24.75 km
10 Daniel Wiersma 2:29:58 7 24.75 km
11 Steve Ricci 2:31:48 7 24.75 km
12 April Rezendes 2:32:16 7 24.75 km
13 Hiram Henry 2:34:20 7 24.75 km
14 Richard Forst 2:34:30 7 24.75 km
15 Ryan Bischoff 2:34:52 7 24.75 km
16 Daren Booton 2:37:42 7 24.75 km
17 Tracy Morrison 2:38:22 7 24.75 km
18 Eliza Dorn 2:39:46 7 24.75 km
19 Kimberly Campbell 2:41:16 7 24.75 km
20 Mark Neidhold 2:42:16 7 24.75 km
21 Green Relay 2:42:50 7 24.75 km
22 Josh Dean 2:43:18 7 24.75 km
23 Kristin Riall 2:43:26 7 24.75 km
24 Cody Bruenette 2:45:24 7 24.75 km
25 Jennifer Watson 2:46:02 7 24.75 km
26 Naomi Staley 2:46:32 7 24.75 km
27 Jim Calvin 2:46:50 7 24.75 km
28 Kara Hollatz 2:54:42 7 24.75 km
29 Andrew Klausner 2:55:42 7 24.75 km
30 Jamie Bursell 2:56:12 7 24.75 km
31 Orange Relay 2:57:16 7 24.75 km
32 Melanie White 2:57:26 7 24.75 km
33 Jim Grammel 2:57:34 7 24.75 km
34 Blue Relay 2:57:56 7 24.75 km
35 Trevor Richards 2:57:58 7 24.75 km
36 Stephen Lewis 2:58:52 7 24.75 km
37 Kristin Jones 3:00:04 7 24.75 km
38 Jeffrey Sauer 3:01:36 7 24.75 km
39 Austyn Schmidt 3:02:44 7 24.75 km
40 Scott Christian 3:04:22 7 24.75 km
41 Eric Carter 3:05:34 7 24.75 km
42 Nicholas Bursell 3:05:56 7 24.75 km
43 Kate Glover 3:06:54 7 24.75 km
44 Reed Stoops 3:07:20 7 24.75 km
45 Emily Ricci 3:08:40 7 24.75 km
46 Rich Clegg 3:09:28 7 24.75 km
47 Robin Gilcrist 3:09:38 7 24.75 km
48 Greg Lockwood 3:10:10 7 24.75 km
49 Anna Frazier 3:10:52 7 24.75 km
50 Ann Klausner 3:11:12 7 24.75 km
51 Genevieve Johnson 3:11:50 7 24.75 km
52 Maren Haavig 3:12:26 7 24.75 km
53 Jean Butler 3:12:50 7 24.75 km
54 Platt Chuck 3:13:28 7 24.75 km
55 Emily Haskell 3:13:40 7 24.75 km
56 Yvonne Yang 3:13:40 7 24.75 km
57 Robert Vicario 3:13:42 7 24.75 km
58 Black Relay 3:17:00 7 24.75 km
59 Forest Kvasnikoff 3:17:50 7 24.75 km
60 Meredith Gillman 3:19:30 7 24.75 km
61 Holly Handler 3:20:24 7 24.75 km
62 Janelle Crocker 3:20:58 7 24.75 km
63 AJ Edwards 3:25:10 7 24.75 km
64 Danielle Steinman 3:27:10 7 24.75 km
65 Stell Little 3:28:34 7 24.75 km
66 Joel Osburn 3:30:46 7 24.75 km
67 Lisa Kramer 3:31:44 7 24.75 km
68 Katie Kowalchuk 3:33:00 7 24.75 km
69 Maureen Lare 3:35:58 7 24.75 km
70 Katherine Selby 3:37:02 7 24.75 km
71 Amber Miller 3:39:26 7 24.75 km
72 Ance Kvasnikova 3:40:20 7 24.75 km
73 Lindsay Angelo 3:45:36 7 24.75 km
74 Josue Roman 3:50:14 7 24.75 km
75 Theresa Svancara 3:54:18 7 24.75 km
76 Melissa Goldstein 3:58:40 7 24.75 km
77 Joseph Owens 4:03:18 7 24.75 km
78 Erin Whalen 4:22:54 7 24.75 km
79 Jenny Smith 4:32:08 7 24.75 km
80 Kenneth Hoganson 5:48:12 7 24.75 km
81 Leon Ulrich 101:20:22 7 24.75 km