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Current Race standings for 2009
Event Name Location Description Race Director Multiple Leg/Team Event JTRR Event EC Date and Time
Veterans Day Run Brotherhood Bridge Parking Lot8K (0 records)Mike McKrillnoyesyesNovember 7th 2009 (Saturday) 10:00AM
Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Sandy Beach5K and 1 mile (0 records)Paul DesloovernononoOctober 17th 2009 (Saturday) 10:00AM
Pavitt Health and Fitness 10K and 1 Mile Auke Recreation large shelter10K and 1 mile (0 records)Kirk BurkenoyesyesSeptember 26th 2009 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Beat the Odds (women only) Riverbend Elementary School5K run or 2 mile walk, Fundraiser for breast cancer awareness (0 records)DefaultRaceDirector UnassignednononoAugust 29th 2009 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Prostate Cancer 5K Run (men only) Riverbend Elementary School5K Fundraiser for prevention of prostate cancer (16 records)Tom ThompsonnononoAugust 29th 2009 (Saturday) 8:00AM
Nifty Fifty Windfall Lake Parking lot50K total, 1, 2, or 3 person teams on Glacier Hwy, Herbert R. Trail and Windfall Lake Trail (0 records)Keith LevyyesyesnoAugust 22nd 2009 (Saturday) 8:00AM
Eaglecrest Roadrace 0.9 miles up Eaglecrest Road5 mile, and 1 mile (0 records)Anne JohnsonnoyesyesAugust 15th 2009 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Spring Triathlon Auke Lakeswim,bike,run (323 records)John BursellyesnonoAugust 9th 2009 (Sunday) 9:00AM
Treadwell Twosome Sandy BeachEach person runs a 5k in a 2-person team that can be formed the day of the race Contacts: Guy Thibodeau and Paul Desloover (0 records)Paul DesloovernoyesnoAugust 8th 2009 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Frank Maier Marathon Savikko Parkhalf and full marathon (41 records)DefaultRaceDirector UnassignednoyesyesAugust 1st 2009 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Mount Roberts Tram Run Juneau TramRun to the top of Mt Roberts from the Tram (32 records)Dirk MillernoyesyesJuly 25th 2009 (Saturday) 10:00AM
McDowell Group Governors Cup 4th5k, 1 mile, 1/2 mile (52 records)Jim GrammelnoyesyesJuly 18th 2009 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Windfall Lake Challenge Veterans Highway Mile 27About 13 miles (30 records)Sharon BuisnoyesyesJuly 11th 2009 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Midsummer Night Run False Outerpoint Recreation Area10k or 1 mile (45 records)Clayton HawkesnoyesyesJuly 8th 2009 (Wednesday) 6:00PM
Douglas 2 Mile Fun Run Douglas2 Mile Fun Run (60 records)Paul VoelckersnoyesyesJuly 4th 2009 (Saturday) 1:00PM
Only Fools Run at Midnight Centennial HallStart Time: 11:59 pm, Centennial Hall; Distance: 5K run or 1 mile walk; Contact: Southeast Alaska Independent Living, 586-4920; Proceeds benefit SAIL, costumes encouraged (0 records)DefaultRaceDirector UnassignednononoJune 27th 2009 (Saturday) 11:59PM
East Glacier Trail Tangle Trailhead past Garnet St of Mendenhall LoopDistance Approximately 6 miles of trails (23 records)Robert SowersnoyesyesJune 24th 2009 (Wednesday) 6:00PM
Ben Blackgoat Memorial Run End of Basin Road2,4 and 7 miles (49 records)Paul DesloovernoyesyesJune 20th 2009 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Eagle River Scout Trail Run Eagle River Boy Scout TrailheadEagle River Boy Scout Trailhead; Distance: 6K (41 records)Zane ClarknoyesyesJune 9th 2009 (Tuesday) 6:00PM
Seacoast Relay UAS19th Annual Five Person Relay with varied distances (150 records)Sherry TamoneyesyesnoMay 23rd 2009 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Nugget Alaskan Outfitters Lena Loop Run LenaNugget Alaskan Outfitters Lena Loop Run (46 records)Dan RobinsonnoyesyesMay 16th 2009 (Saturday) 10:00AM
Magnificent Mendenhall Mud Puddle Meet UASMagnificent Mendenhall Mud Puddle Meet (37 records)Glenn FricknoyesyesMay 9th 2009 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Kids Rotary Park Fun Run Rotary Park1,2 and 3 lap for kids! (33 records)Colleen JardellnoyesyesMay 2nd 2009 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Springtide Scramble Fish CreekSpringtide Scramble (72 records)Suzanne McGeenoyesyesApril 25th 2009 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Heart of Hospice Run Twin Lakes5k and 1 mile (115 records)Lori YorbanonoyesApril 18th 2009 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Waterfront Awareness Run DowntownWaterfront Awareness Run (85 records)Paul DesloovernonoyesApril 11th 2009 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Glacier 10K and 1 mile GlacierGlacier 10K and 1 mile (102 records)Scott MaynoyesyesApril 4th 2009 (Saturday) 9:00AM
Flannagan's Run Douglas Firehall5 miles or 1 mile (0 records)Janeann TwelkernoyesyesMarch 14th 2009 (Saturday) 10:00AM
Sweetheart's Relay Douglas Firehall2 mile and 4 mile (10 records)Dan RobinsonyesyesyesFebruary 14th 2009 (Saturday) 10:00AM
New Years Day Parking garage under Douglas libraryContact: none, no director, this is an open fun run Distance: 4 miles or more (0 records)DefaultRaceDirector UnassignednoyesnoJanuary 1st 2009 (Thursday) 10:00AM

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