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Event Name Veteran's Day Run
Location TMHS Annex Bridge
Description Common for both 1 and 5 mile courses:Start at TMHS near entrance to track area run counterclockwise around outside of track to footbridge Turn right and go over footbridge to junction with Brotherhood Bridge Trail MP 0.42 Turn left at junction of Brotherhood Bridge Trail and footbridge junction Run toward BBT parking lot. goto distance choice then return here Run back on BBT to footbridge junction cross footbridge Once across footbridge, turn left and retrace trail around outside of TMHS track and finish where started 1 Mile:1/2 mi Turnaround is 0.08 miles from BBT and footbridge junction, BBT just starts to breakout in meadow (marked with pink surveyor's tape in tree branches on river side of trail) return to common course description 5 Mile: MP 0.91 Turnaround just before parking lot at pole with dog poop bag dispenser (marked with pink surveyors tape in tree branches on river side of trail) Run on BBT to north end and through parking lot and start up parking lot access road MP 3 Turnaround is second set of NoParking signs from parking lotreturn to common course description
Race Director Myron Davis
Date and Time 2014-11-08 10:00:00
Relay/Team Events? no
Empire Cup yes
SERR Event yes
Registration Form Registration Form
information / results Distance Entrants Comments
5 mile 5 miles 44
1 mile 1 miles 17
Thank you!1
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