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Event Name Nifty Fifty
Location End of Basin Road
Description All three races start and finish at the end of Basin Road near the Perseverance Trail. The courses are the same as 2022. Each race is run mostly on stunningly beautiful trails with a significant amount of climbing (more than 5,000 feet elevation gain for the 50K). The 25K course is on Basin Road, Perseverance Trail, Red Mill Trail, the Glory Hole overlook, Granite Creek Trail, and Mt. Roberts Trail. The 50K runners will do an out and back on the Flume, Glacier Avenue, and Salmon Creek Trail first, then the 25K course. The 10K is out and back on Basin Road, Perseverance Trail, Red Mill Trail, and the Glory Hole overlook. Because we have volunteers out on the trails in sometimes marginal weather, we cannot accommodate an early start and must impose a time limit of 7 hours for the 50K. If you cannot finish the 50K in 7 hours, please sign up for the 25K. It is still a beautiful and challenging course. This is a Juneau Trail and Road Runners Club event. JTRR is an affiliate member of the Road Runners Club of America. 50K Course 7:00 a.m. start. 50K runners will head out Basin Road to the Flume, through the highlands, and out Glacier Avenue to the Salmon Creek trail. Then go out and back on Salmon Creek Trail and return the way you came to the end of Basin Road. From here you will run the 25K course. 25K Course 9:00 a.m. start. Run toward town on Basin road, then turn right to head up Perseverance Trail. Turn right on the Red Mill Trail, up to the Glory Hole overlook, back down to Red Mill Trail. Go right on Red Mill, then right on Perseverance to the end of Perseverance Trail. Then come back on Perseverance to the intersection with Granite Creek Trail. Go out and back on Granite Creek Trail, then continue down Perseverance back to the start on Basin Road. Then go out Basin Road to the Mt. Roberts Trail. Climb Mt. Roberts to Father Brown's cross, turn around, and return to Basin Road. The finish is at the end of Basin Road, where you started. 10K Course 9:00 a.m. start. Run toward town on Basin Road, turn right up Perseverance Trail, turn right on Red Mill Trail, turn right on the Glory Hole spur, go to the end, then turn around around and return to Basin Road the way you came. Aid Stations and Drop Bags There will be water, Gaterade, and snacks at the start/finish area. 50K runners will pass through here at about mile 14 and mile 25. 25K runners come through here at about mile 11. In addition, there will be water only, to top off water bottles, in a few locations on the course. 50K and 25K runners should carry enough fluids and snacks to get them between aid stations. In the interest of minimizing waste, there will be no cups at the water stations on the course and few cups at the start/finish area. All runners may leave drop bags at the start/finish area.
Race Director Keith Levy
Date and Time 2023-08-12 07:00:00
Relay/Team Events? no
NAO Cup yes
SERR Event yes
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Photographer Kym Mauseth
Photographer Susan Cable
information / results Distance Entrants Comments
10k 10 km 13
25k 25 km 17
50k 50 km 11
Thank you!3
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